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I asked this question on Quora and these are the answers that I got


Why are you in love? Is it because you found romantic relationships in the world or there is something special, unique to only you?


Venus Lee

Because my current boyfriend is very special for me during my previous relationship. He is very unique of me, compare to my ex, his personality and the way he treats me is very different, he respects me, he cares about me and he shows me that he LOVE me very much. He will ask about my opinions whenever we are trying to do something together. When I was having some difficulties, he tried to make me feel happy and smiling. He is not very romantic compared to some guys, but he trusts me, he told me everything about him, he will never try to hide something from me.

He shows me that what’s the real meaning of LOVE by doing it everyday, he taught me how to LOVE someone and also I need to care about their feelings, think about other people feel and change my bad habit. With him, I can feel secure and happiness around him, that what he gave it to me, he helped me to recover from my previous bad relationship, and also we learn our lessons together about how to have a good communication skills.

That’s the reason I’m in love with him, because he is very different from anyone to me.

Love and Relationships

Jada Owens

I’m in love, because I am, duh! I mean, I like funny, smart and dashing nerds. I don’t like super nerds or geeks, because I am not one. I always thought I’d like a bookworm but my friend is one, and he’s super annoying when he gets into it.

i like specifically guys who are mature 63% of the time. Just like me. And totally responsible. And my boyfriend needs to work on that.

I’ve crushed deeply on many guys before, but only fell in love with my current. I can never get enough of him and I’ll want him always.

Though, I act the same at the beginning for all of them. I’m real shy about it, then get sorta aggressive and obsessive(Not in a bad or creepy way), and then I send them notes. For my current, the next step was asking him out, kissing and holding him. I’ve only done that part with him. And he’s not my first boyfriend. Technically my second.

And now that I’ve thought about it, I was sorta in love with my ex. He’s a cute geek. But too shy and immature. I like a guy who can talk to me. But I drive the conversation.

Love and Relationships

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