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I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase “Age is just but a number.” I beg to differ though some might curse me for this.

This is not to say that when the age gap is too big, two people cannot settle for a beautiful relationship.

At first, it might seem okay but as time goes, you’ll realize that there are drastic changes in your lifestyles and this is when the glow in your relationship will start dimming.

It will be ugly, trust me. It is even worse when you are an extrovert, I can spare introverts on this.

For extroverts, you might still have warm blood for traveling and going out most of the time but your partner will not. It will be ugly, I repeat.

According to Seth Meyers, Ph.D., a psychologist and the author of Overcome Relationship Repetition Syndrome and Find the Love You Deserve, age difference matters. Meyers says that an age gap bigger than ten years often have certain issues which are different keeping in mind that all relationships have issues.

In regard to big age differences, Rachel Sussman, a profound licensed marriage and family therapist based in New York once stated

“You can see varied cultural references, disapproval from family and friends, and perhaps community disapproval, as well,”

She added,

“It might be hard to relate to each other’s peer groups too.”

Therefore, when you want to date someone older by more than 10 years, ensure that you know exactly what you want from them. Also, keep in mind that changes are inevitable and you are prepared to handle them.



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