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Reports indicate that there are more than 700 confirmed corona virus cases in Africa. Many African countries have now imposed measures of prevention and containment in an effort to stop the spread of this pandemic.

WHO has reported that a total of 30 countries in Africa have been affected by COVID-19 while the remaining holding out of this crisis.

Here is a list of the top 10 countries basing on the number of people who have conducted the disease.

  1. Egypt-210 People

  2. South Africa-150 People

  3. Algeria-82 People

  4. Morocco-57 People

  5. Tunisia – 39 People

  6. Senegal-36 People

  7. Burkina Faso-33 People

  8. Cameroon-17 People

  9. DR Congo – 15 People

  10. Ghana & Rwanda 11 People

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