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jiThe Hillarious drama queen popularly known as ‘The Ghetto Princes or Pendo’ whose real name is Stacy Brianar Brown has been recently engaged to a mzungu guy.

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Details about this new guy in Pendo’s life are still unknown since the guy appeared from the Blues which has left many wondering what might be going on.

However, in a video, Pendo said yes meaning he is off team mafisi and ready to enter a marriage relationship.

This is risky, for both Pendo and this 50-year-old mzungu guy. For Pendo, she leads a reckless life, if she can’t take care of good care of herself what about a husband and children on the way. Kenyans on social media are not happy, many perceive the guy to be too old for her.

The mzungu, on the other hand, has subscribed to endless drama.

On the contrary, what I know is that despite Pendo being so dramatic, when she loves, she really loves to the moon and back.

This is all evident from her relationship with Luwi.

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