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The words love and romance are often confused and interchanged. What people do not know is that love and romance are two different words with varied meanings.

I have heard and seen many people use the term romance in contexts where they ought to use love and the vise versa.

I asked this question on Quora and received very interesting ideas on what people think about the ideas.

For example, Jui-Wei Yang replied  to my question stating;

Love and romance are 2 completely different things. Please don’t confuse the two to be the same. Too many people in the west, confuse romance to be love and that is not healthy.

Think of it this way, you are dating somebody and it is very romantic, sweeping you off your feet, chocolate, flower and everything. Are you in love with him or the romance, take the romance away and you just got a guy standing there. As a guy I can tell you, romance mean nothing. It is like when a girl flirt with a cop to get out of a traffic ticket, it means nothing. For guys, romance is just a form of flirting, it means nothing.

lets not confuse, love has many dimensions for instance, you can be in love with your parents, siblings, your pet, your friend or even your school or work and the likes. however, in this context i am talking about two people who are dating.

In such a context, love is a close bond that a person has towards another and it is always deeper than friendship, affection, lust and attraction. it often manifests itself with mutual expression of intimacy, partnership, respect, trust, chemistry, honesty and even integrity.

On the other hand, romance entails the actions that people use to express their love. often, romance is characterized by feelings of excitement, exhilaration and thrill. Take note, this kind of feeling can be present even when you are not in love with a person. a good example is the one that has been given by Jui-Wei Yang above.

I hope this helped. Write your opinions on the comment section below; what do you think is the difference between love and romance?

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