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At 24 years old, a mother of a son, Tanasha Donna recently broke up with Diamond for her own reasons.  She says that she was forced to take up Mama Dangote’s house as she tribulations as well.

“I’m doing good. I see myself as a strong woman. It’s what every woman goes through. You may have certain expectations when you get into a relationship or business and things don’t turn out exactly the way you want them to. So that’s when you decide, ‘is it worth fighting for?’ That becomes a decision you make and at the end of the day, we do what is best for us.”

The relationship was not a walk in the park for her yet she regretted why she dated Diamond. At first, their romance was beyond shake spear’s love fantasy, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ whose magnitude impacted significantly in many of the current relationships.

Too early yet too soon, the mother of one, a feminist by nature stood up boldly to advocate for what she really feel she deserve. She tried as much as possible to fit in the shoe of love with Baba Tiffah but it was too hot for her to withstand the pain in the name of pleasing her in-laws.

“In this era, women know their value but there are still some women who still think ‘I have to do what my man wants, need to be the perfect wife, submissive…’. If you really look at it from a logical perspective that can end up being really toxic.”

Having a vision for her future and her son, Tanasha revealed that she terminated the relationship for the good of her kid.

“I knew I had a son and I wanted him to grow up in a loving environment.”


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