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Turning a new leaf has and will always be sentiments from one party to another. As a way of wishing the other the best in a new relationship, we tend to try and forget the past experience and focus on the present .

Its a norm, we all want to keep the past , past , and if there is a connection between past and present, we often own the lessons and move on. But does that really apply!? Should it happen in relationship. This narrows down and brings us to the question.

“Should past secrets be kept hidden in the relationship? “

As a way of tackling the question, one has to be willing , able and convinced of whether they want to forget the past or not( good or bad). This is normally the case especially if the secrets are not issues that may affect current relationship or bring unpleasant memories.
If the secrets will affect the other party it’s better for them to hear it first hand.

Secondly, if one can be able to live with the secret as some secrets take a tormenting form and may affect current relationship. For a relationship to blossom both parties have to be at peace to avoid distractions.

In my opinion, when one is convinced that they can forget as well as live with secrets , moreover if the secret are better left untouched and will never affect current relationship then the phrase, ‘ let past be the past will hold’

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