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The birth process

The actual video of the birth process starts at 2.01 PM. During this time, the labor started and Shiko requested the husband to do some intense back massage. Ramsey continued to do the massage for a couple of minutes.

“He continued giving me those back massages and continued telling him to put pressure even I now have bruises on my backside,” said Shiko

Rama added

“She insisted I use a lot of pressure, I massaged her with my fists”

At the time, the contractions were intense and were coming like every two minutes. “The pressure was needed to counter the pressure I was feeling inside” Shiko explained.

“During her surges, I had to drop everything that I was doing just to ensure that I relieve the pain she was feeling”

She wanted to give birth in a pool and so they had discussed with their midwife who booked the pool for them earlier in the week.

So when she started experiencing labor, Ramsey started filling the pool. At some point, Shiko wanted so much to get into the water and so she told Rama

“Why don’t you go to our laundry room and get the water hose so that we can fill the pool faster.”

When Rama dashed to get the hose pipe, the unexpected happened, the contractions became more intense with an urge to push.

“Immediately he left the bathroom, the next surge I had was different from all the other surges because it came with this incredible pressure to push.”

It was now around 2.25pm, shiko did not think that the time for pushing had arrived since she had only been experiencing labor for an hour only. This shocked her and so she curled over.

Rama came in and dropped everything seeing the wife in a bad state. He then poured one more bucket and shiko got into the pool. It was 2.30PM.

Rama wanted to call the midwife again but shiko refused saying they will have to do the delivery by themselves. She then held her hand, comforting and encouraging her as she pushed.

That’s how Tawi was born; at 2.45PM.

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