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We only meet every June 6th, to share the sacred love we had cultivated for 15 years. This day is always my happiest and at the same time the saddest day in my life. Every day, my heart beats for her, only that I know we can’t be together. Leaving me was her choice, despite the fact that it pained me more than the sharpest knife passing through my throat, I still had to respect her decision. I wanted her to be happy, though I don’t know if she is really happy and that worries me a lot.
As I am writing this for you to read, 5 years have passed since we had to call off our relationship. Angie, the woman of my life, I met her back in high school, we became best friends, a kind of friendship I had never seen before. I remember that day very well, the day I met her, it was on a Friday evening and it was sports day at their school. Even though I wasn’t a sports guy, I couldn’t miss any event and so I was there. (description).
Since that day we became very close and as the norm goes we wrote each other countless love letters and if it wasn’t up to the measure of Romeo and Juliet then I don’t know how I can describe to you.
By the time I was done with form four we were in the deepest kind of love you can imagine. Things even became worse when we were called to join the same university. I took media while she opted for accounting though it wasn’t her thing. She was into arts and thus we spent most of the times in drama and music clubs.
After the first year, we moved in together. It is funny that we did not even realize how deep things were getting. I don’t remember any single moment I eyed another woman while dating her and so to tell the truth, she was my first love.
At this time, no one in their family did not know that I was in love with their daughter. Her mother was okay with us, she often told us to take care and not to mess things up since we were still very young.
One fact I need to bring across so that you understand why we are not together right now. Angie is one lady who always wanted to enjoy life every moment, she was classy and admired living boogey life. However, I couldn’t provide her with this, my father being a peasant farmer while my mother is a housewife meant that I had hopes in this education to secure a good life for me and Angie, the woman of my dreams.
Then it came a day when she came home and told me that she had found a friend. I was curious since she was not so much into friends. She preferred being alone most of the time and if not alone, she was with me. She then said that she has grown great like for a fellow classmate, a lady by the name Tamara.
I knew Tamara, I did not like her but couldn’t make her stop being friends with my girl. Their friendship grew and what I feared most came to pass. Tamara was a woman who was very materialistic and loved to date older men for money so that she could maintain her status.
Cutting the long story short, Angie adopted the behavior and even though she did not date older men, one day she met a rich guy, not very old but was older by 12 years. The guy promised her the best kind of life if she agreed to marry her. This troubled Angie so much knowing very well that she loved me more than the guy. however, she loved to have a good life and it was apparent this is something I was not in a position of giving her. after many years of being depressed and thinking a lot, she decided to open to me that she has chosen to marry dave; the rich guy. She said this crying so much, she was in pain, I was in pain too.
We cried together for hours, for days and weeks and finally I had to let go. She was free to marry him if that would make her happy. That was the last day I was with her as my girlfriend, that is the day that I wished the earth could just sink me, that is the day that I knew I will never love again to be continued…..

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