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“My girlfriend is cheating on me, kindly advise me on what I should do before I take a step that I might come to regret.”

Isaac Kweyu, popularly known as comrade Isaac, a Zimmerman resident has found himself in a rather awkward situation.  While seeking advice from Radio Maisha’s Daktari Jalango Mwenyewe, Kweyu reported that his longtime girlfriend to whom he has been paying house rent plus other bills is cheating on him when away on business dealings.

“For quite some time, I have been noticing queer behaviors from my beloved fiancée. This has been happening especially when I’m out of town.”

Kweyu went on to narrate that there is a recent suspicious event whereby the girlfriend called him while in Mombasa and told him that she had changed door lock and so he should alert her when coming.

“Akaniambia ni make sure nimempigia simu wakati narudi sababu kifuli nimebadilisha na hauna iyo key,” said Kweyu.

Obviously, this was a clever move from the lady so that she is not caught off guard. However, Kweyu was not foolish enough to fall for this and suspicion grew.

When he came back, he was very suspicious but did not take any action. The suspicion grew more when the girlfriend started posting guys hitting on her in her Whatsapp status.

On Sunday 12th, Kweyu traveled to Mombassa and immediately the lady started inquiring on his whereabouts and when he was supposed to come back. He lied that he was still in Nairobi and went on with his business in Mombasa.

Coincidentally, the guy to whom the lady has been cheating with decided to open up to Kweyu after realizing that he was doing him wrong. He then sent Kweyu the screenshots for confirmation. It was then that Kweyu confronted the girl and since he was caught off guard, she agreed that it is true she has been unfaithful.

Now, Kweyu wants advice from me and you on how he should handle such a situation.


Leave your comments below so that other people in a similar situation can learn something.


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