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Alikiba kisses Hamisa Mobeto in public! This is a big blow to their Love and marriage relationship with his wife Amina since it puts their love in a verge of collapsing.

The two have been experiencing unrest in their relationship. Amina, Alikiba’s wife was the first one to point a blaming finger on Alikiba arguing that she had a fallout with his mother. However, Alikiba reiterated that his mother is helping the in solving their love relationship.

“My mother has been helping us solve our marriage issues with my wife, we got issues yes, I hate those people who tried to disrespect my mother, let us respect our mothers even my wife is a mother, have respect to our mothers.”

Love is literally a universal migraine .The ‘mwana’ hit make has made headlines on the media in a bid to defend the rocky storms that is pushing their marriage boat.

In an Interview with a local radio station in Tanzania, Alikiba admitted that their marriage has been going through hard times but they are still together. He confirmed that his wife left him and they are working hand in hand to solve their differences.

Men are best understood to be masters of fate. Yet, Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged cupid painted blind, the two love birds fled beyond the clouds before they started falling terrifically.

In a new Romantic, Lovely, flowery and sexy jam called DODO, Alikiba seems to be kissing Hamisa Mobeto in the video.


New hot photos of Hamisa Mobetto, So sexy and beautiful. | citiMuzik

Hamisa is a threat to their marriage because Amina Khelef will definitely feel more unsecure. Will this mark end of their love journey?

Alikiba “Dodo” Video

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