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Two decades ago, Romantic relationships were a sacred thing and always kept in the dark. However, with the onset of the millennial, events have taken a sudden turn and currently love is cherished when brought up in the limelight.

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It is a common vice within the contemporary society to see lovers in arguments when they are not posted on social media as many presume if you are never posted in a Whatsapp status, then your place in that relationship is uncertain. This was not the case in the past especially the times of our parents or lemme call it the baby boomers’ generation. Then, as I have been told by many and read in many journals, True love existed even though relationships weren’t a public thing. These days, love between romantic partners is often taken for granted and breakups aren’t a big deal. “Why should I care when single men and women are flooded outside there” Terms like Yolo (You only live once), Yodo (You only die once) and bora Uhai (What matters is being alive) among many others seems to have spiced up the ordeal.

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However, a major question is, does putting your relationship in the public beneficial or harmful to your relationship?

This question has two sides of a coin with either side (Publicizing or concealing) having advantages and disadvantages.

Before exploring the subject let’s have a look at people especially celebrities who have practiced PDA.

Celebrities Practising PDA

Talking of PDA’s, the first celebrity that obviously comes into mind is none other than Abdul Nassib Dangote popularly known as Diamond Platnumz. We have listened to his music since the times of Mbagala to the latest Inama Jam that he features Fally Ipupa. Diamond has always put his relationships in the public and what have been the results? Short-lived relationships with bitter breaks after love starts fading. First, he was with Wema Sepetu which lasted for several years. Then came Zari and we thought that since Zari was older maybe more mature basing on the fact that he was already a mother to three sons before marrying the East Africa music Icon. Together they gave birth to Tiffa and Prince Nillan but this too did not go far as they separated on claims of unfaithfulness by both parties.


Remember, Zari discovered that Diamond had fathered a woman who was his fan in Iringa then Diamond before the release of Inama spilt the beansasserting that Zari had been cheating on him with the multitalented Mr. P of the legendary P-Square. Well that’s how things can get awful when you put your relationship in the limelight. When you decide to date online be ready to accept the fact that you will have online inlaws who at times might not care about your happiness and they will mock you whenever they get a chance.

On the other side of the coin is another celebrity relationship, the one of Njugush and Wakavinye, Bahati and Diana, Harmonize na Mzungu wake Sarah, Rayvanny and Fayvanny. Trust me these ones are amazing and have been doing fine since us as the online inlaws saw it sprouting and growing up to where it is in the present moment…

TO BE CONTINUED IN OUR NEXT ARTICLE. Will appreciate your comments and opinions on the matter.

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Truth be told, it has reached a time when this generation take relationship s for granted. It’s a norm to them to hope from one to another. Principles and morality,trust and love go hand in hand. Well it’s a question of what a relationship will mean in the near coming future. Tutafakari hayo


I prefer not to involve the public in my personal affairs

Clinton Wamalwa
Clinton Wamalwa

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