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The invention of smartphones came as a big blow to many relationships. Putting aside the countless advantages of smartphones, you’ll agree with me that mobile phones are the greatest contributor to current breakups.

Love is a magical thing, once in love it can be very hard to know when the behavior of your partner changes. As a result, many people opt to stalk on their partner’s phones since the evidence is often if not always there. However, the idea of checking your lover’s phone without their consent is not a good idea. Actually, it is a show of lack of trust which is extremely detrimental to a relationship.

Now, the question is,

How can you know that your partner is cheating without checking their phone?

The answer is simple and at the same time complex. First, whenever someone is cheating, a disconnect automatically occurs. It can be quiet challenging to identify when the connection you two had has been broken. However, if you are observant, you will realize that they laugh differently, face you differently and most importantly the pleasure they use to have during sex declines.

The stated changes are usually very minute in the case whereby the two of you are still in good terms. Therefore, one has to be very keen to note them. Remember this should not be misleading since people can have these disconnections from an array of things, for instance, stress, health issues and even over-excitement among other things. Therefore, when examining disconnections, you have to be very keen not to make wrong judgments.

Daily Motion notes that 75% of women admit that mobile phones are ruining their relationships

The second sign that your partner is cheating is when they become too good by overcompensating small deeds from you. A sudden change in behavior can be triggered by guilt. Cheating is not usually marked by sleeping with someone else other than the one you are having a romantic relationship with. Even flirting is a form of cheating. So when your partner is eyeing someone else but still loves you, they can be overcompensating which often occurs unconsciously. This particular behavior comes in play as a cover-up of the wrongs they do behind your back. Therefore, when your partner becomes too good, don’t be overexcited, your time might be limited.

Comment your opinions on how someone can know he or she is being cheated on without checking evidence from their partner’s phone.

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