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Many people have failed to get true love despite making it their life purpose. People travel miles and others do the impossible just to get their true love.

The bitter truth is that majority of those who have dedicated their lives to this search end up with more hate and bitterness.

But why? Isn’t it that unfair?

Simple answer for technical questions. Just like you can’t bribe anyone to give you life, you can’t bribe anybody to love you.
So if you want to get true love, first stop trying too hard. Just be real and don’t exaggerate anything.

Secondly, stop looking for someone to love you and start giving out love because love is contagious and you only get love by giving out love.

Lastly, you must be patient. True love is not earned overnight. You must be willing to wait.

Now, if you have been looking for true love without any luck, just pay attention to these three things and you will be booking for your vacations or shopping for your wedding next summer.

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