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Corona, it’s the new virus that has shaken the whole universe. Relationships have been significantly affected with this new virus. With it, it has brought new terms;


The term refers to when a person who has contacted the virus has been put to a special room to avoid infecting the others, as he/she undergoes treatment. The person is not allowed to use personal items and utensils.

Self isolation

Self isolation occurs when an individual has been exposed to the virus, and is put in an enclosed room for 14 days as he or she is monitored before the symptoms shows.

Social distancing

Social distancing comes in play when anyone who has not been exposed to the virus and is advised keep space and avoid contact which is crucial in preventing the spread of Covid19 virus.  The government has ordered Kenyans to stay at home while at the same time practice social distancing.

How corona (Covid19) has changed lives

Corona also known as Covid_19 has brought  a lot of challenges to families across the globe. In Kenya, a curfew was declared to help fight the virus. However, people have been keeping in touch thanks to the social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, name them.

The disease has made life very hard for families which don’t have a stable job since many are currently struggling to put food on their tables. Numbers have been raising day by day and this is causing panic among the people.

Citizens have been forced to cancel their plans, gigs, shows, tours, holidays and other related work appointment. Kenyans have however given the virus a new name, Rona or Miss Rona. They’ve gone ahead to compose songs related to the virus and the meme lords were not left behind as they have also come up with memes.

Majority of the people are pointing fingers at the government for allowing the virus into the country and they’ve gone ahead to call it the “imported virus” after the first case was from a Kenyan who traveled from the US. Do you think the government is to blame?

We’ve had people ask for a lock-down but the question is, will a lock down help fight the virus?

Luckily, four recovery cases have been reported but some people termed it as a PR exercise. In addition, 4 deaths have also been reported and this has caused confusion and panic.

How will the country cope? Are there the right resources to test the virus?

The county’s economy has gone down and this has forced the president and his deputy to cut off their salaries in order to cub the virus.

Our hopes are high that matters won’t get out of hand and we will resume to normal lives soon.

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