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Love and relationship are two words which relate though different. Love is defined as a strong feeling of attraction and affection towards someone. The attraction may be both emotional or sexual.

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A relationship, on the other hand, involves a connection that two individual share. However, not all relationships are based on love since others may not be emotional ones.
Love and relationship, therefore, may also be termed as different also because a relationship may not be permanent and may exist for a period of time. Love, however, is not a temporary thing but everlasting and this shows why people should embrace and value the feeling of love.

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Despite love and relationship being different than two also relate. This is because love may lead to a relationship and a relationship also may show love since when In a relationship people share emotional feelings and also care about each other which is a sign of love
However, in the current era, the value accorded to love and the relationship has greatly depreciated since many individuals do not value and respect love and relationships as before.

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There are situations whereby people are in a relationship but do not love each other as expected. I would say so because it is evident that nowadays most relationships are spearheaded by material belongings and not love. Many will agree with me a number of women in the current world enter into relationships because of the material wealth that a man might be having and not because of love.

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The Same case also applies with men. They may get into a relationship with a lady not because they love them but maybe because the lady is, for instance, fashionable and classy.

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It is therefore important for one to get the difference between love and relationship In order to be guided On making various decisions in life relating to love and relationship.

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