Dating rules in Kenya
Dating rules in Kenya
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Here are five rules or rather guidelines that will help you win love in Kenya.

1. Confirm you are in a relationship.

Nowadays, it’s common for relationships to start without a basis or an understanding. Two strangers meet at a party/event and they have unimaginable fun.Luckily the conversation goes on even after their first encounter(doesn’t always happen) And after a while of frequent calls and late night chats, the word ‘babe’ comes up. Next minute a little jealousy here and there and that’s how your relationship kicked it off! Unless you are not really ready for commitment, always make sure you try and have ‘The conversation’ when you feel like things are getting serious.
Guys, it’s okay to ask ‘will you be my girlfriend?’ Contrary to this, either of the two get hurt💔

2. Use protection.

Sex is a common sin in the 21st century. Cliche  alert! It doesn’t matter how hot or healthy looking a person is. It’s important to use protection until you and your partner go for that check up. I would insist on random hookups, whether it’s a one night stand or Just regular drunk sex, use protection. There are a lot of infections out here and the question is.. How uncomfortable was the last infection you had if any? There you go!

3.Fuel your relationship.

Love is a beautiful thing. I have always envied newly formed relationships, talk of the openness, the constant ‘was just checking up on you’ and oh the endless laughter and love making. I don’t know if it’s just me but these (and more) are some of the most memorable moments. As time goes by, some relationships tend to drift apart. Make it a habit to fuel your relationship with genuine love gestures and  building your partners trust. Have more date nights out, chill at home together and most of all work on your friendship!

4.Get together with mutual friends.

Honestly, this had been such a hard task for me as an introvert. My boyfriend loved to have his friends over, they would chat and laugh loudly and play PS. ALL these were such awkward moments for me. On the other hand, I came to realize that this was such a great growth factor in our relationship. I got to learn things about him that I could never have known while spending time just us two. It’s important to just get to know them and get to hang out with them once very often but avoid being close buds with them.

5. Show your vulnerability/Be honest.

Being vulnerable builds intimacy in relationships. When you open your heart about the things that really hurt you,you actually feel a freedom that you can’t explain. Don’t be shy to say things that annoy you, how you feel about that neighbor or friend..Be vulnerable. It helps you be open to change and most of all makes you less lonely:-)

On this note, I’ll leave a tip for you guys.Do you have trouble making friends? Or being in an open relationship? The case might be fear of vulnerability. Most friendships are build on shared experiences. Think about your closest family member or best friend? How often do you share in their joys and tears? Exactly! When you are real with someone they tend to reciprocate!

By Wambui Katee

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