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If there is a woman who has been made of iron in Kenya, Betty Kyallo will not miss out in the list.

The lady has faced trolls on weekly basis on different social media platforms and even in real life but she keeps going and becoming more successful each day.

Betty Kyallo to host her beauty queens 'twin' sisters on TV ...

From the fleet of cars she drives, the places she dines and the expensive outfit she wears, it’s true that Betty is a queen with $$$$

This week she decided to surprise us with something new, just a snippet of her incredible shoe collection.


Through her sisters Instagram story video, the TV personality showcased her amazing footwear, later she reposted the video on her own IG account

From the video and pictures below, it is apparent that the media sensation is in love with shoes and her fans love to be part of her life since she is not only a television darling but people love her in social media too.




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