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Aside from Love and Relationships 

Following the launch of reverse calls, Safaricom has again introduced Voice over LTE (VolTE), an advanced technology that delivers high-quality life-like sound over voice and video across 4G network.

This will see subscribers enjoy HD calls and video calls that are ultra clear with reduced background noise, making conversation more effective.

This technology will also see them enjoy fast call set up including making calls whilst browsing.

Aside from Love and Relationships 

According to Charles Kare, director consumer business at Safaricom, VoLTE has better phone call quality that is three times better than 3G and six times better than 2G.

“We are the first to bring this technology to East Africa. Our customers can now make quality voice and video calls without internet and at normal calling rates,’’ Kare said.

Safaricom has been mulling to launch this technology especially after switching on to 4G network but needed to liaise with phone manufacturers to push an update to support VoLTE.

It has since brought almost all android 4G phones on board after partnering with Samsung, Tecno, Intel, Huawei and Nokia.

The teco is engaging Apple to bring on board Iphone users who are currently locked out of the VoLTE.

The launch of this technology was delayed by low coverage of 4G network in the country.

Safaricom has revealed that 45 percent of its subscribers are covered with 4G and is set to push it to 80 percent by March next year.

‘’Our 4G network currently covers 2000 towns across the country. We plan to increase this to 5000 towns or 80 percent of our subscribers by March 2020,’’ Kare said.

Courtesy, The Star

Aside from Love and Relationships 

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