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1. Motivation.
Most children tend to work extra hard as being motivated by their mother’s efforts & the desire to give the mother the best when they grow up.

2. Builds strong bond between a mum and a child

Being raised by a single mother creates a strong bond between mother and child hence become friends.

3. Getting the ‘ best’

The mother irrespective of the background will always strive to give the child a comfortable life. The child has the ‘ have it all’ feeling.


1. Negative attitude on masculine gender.

Children grow up with a certain feeling that the reason why they suffered with Mom was because of their father. They tend to generalize men .

2. Being ‘ spoilt’

In the attempt to be given the best by the mother. The child may be very relaxed , fail to learn basic chores and lack of disciplinary measure may also make the child miss out on some morals.

3. Easily enticed by men.

For girls mostly when the father figure is not there and a too busy mother, at some point especially when she meets a man who showers her with attention. She is not able to distinguish whether it’s love or being taken for granted.

4. Possibility of being lured to drugs.

An absent father and busy mother may mean a child has to seek comfort somewhere. else and with bad company they can start drugs without the parent knowing

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