Dating rules in Kenya
Dating rules in Kenya
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Long-Distance Relationships (LDR) are common nowadays. However, maintaining them has proven to be one of the most challenging thing for lovers. Here are a few tips on how you can make yours work.

“We are so close yet so far”


1. Create a tradition

For two people leaving miles away to continue loving each other, they must have an interesting and unique tradition that they always do when together. Remember, this routine has to be unique in that you only do with the person and not someone else, and it should not be sex.

Create a routine, for instance, you can be engaging in a voluntary activity together let’s say visiting the homeless, the sick or even people with disability. it must be something that both of you are passionate about. By doing this, each partner will always yearn for that time of the month or year that you will be together.

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2. Find a mechanism that you can connect while apart

Chatting all the time can be dangerous since at times it becomes boring especially when you don’t have something interesting to share. Think of something like a game that you both like and it can be played online. This will make you stay connected and always wanting to share your free time together even if you are in different continents.

3. Always have a standing date

In the occasion whereby you are in a long-distance relationship, never forget to sit down with the person and decide on the frequency with which you will be meeting. You must come with a date, for instance, every second weekend of every month we should meet or if it is very far, on the 13th of every march we have to be together. From personal experience, this will save you a great deal. Ignore and the relationship will move down the drain.

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