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Many have considered their romantic prospects to fall under what many call ‘My Type.’ I’m sure you have heard many say Ugh he is or she is not my type. Well, that’s why I’m talking about. After a little research on the subject, I have found that when you want to experience love and a good relationship, shun away from that notion of ‘my type.’

1. Your type will yield comfort zones which are very dangerous

The society loves being comfortable, people always choose the road most traveled because they fear trying something new. Being in the comfort zone will make you get too much of each other (kuzoeana) which is not good. Remember, respect is prime in any romantic relationship or any relationship in that matter.

2. You will not grow

New experiences are always associated with growth and development. By dating your type, you are limiting yourself to the same experiences. On the contrary, when you date someone outside your type, new experiences kick in leading to growth and advancement not only in love and your relationship but also in other aspects of life.

3. Interesting but unproductive conversations

When you engage in conversations with your type, it is obvious that you will always want to talk about things related to entertainment and fun always. Remember, love is not always partying and hobbies but creating a future. Someone who is not your type is perfect to lead you in the direction of prosperity.

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